Monday, December 7, 2009

The First Week

So far, I am doing great in this new adventure. If my "landlord" will PLEASE hurry up with his wi-fi boosters, I'll be a much happier camper. The cable TV works fine, but not on my HDTV? Would you believe that even with a 20+ year career in IT I am home electronics challenged? Right now I am depending on the built-in sets - and they aren't bad - just reminds me of being in a B&B in England!!

I can't seem to hook up the water input hose without a leak - so one of the park guys is supposed to try and fix that up for me today. As it is, I hook it up every couple of days and put some water in the fresh water tank. I am also learning how to be very conservative in LP Gas usage - after only 5 days my tank was down to half full. That's when I decided on electric space heaters. The prospect of unhooking and stowing everything in order to drive somewhere does not appeal to me right now!!

I visited the Sand Springs Methodist Church yesterday - their traditional service was very nice. I prefer the contemporary style of worship - so I'll try that service next week - although it is early at 8:30am!

It's cozy, but cute in my "home on wheels"!! Sophie is here sitting on my table/desk and making sure I don't leave her out of the picture!

This week - lots to do. I must finish cleaning out my closets at the house - which is officially SOLD! Closing is on December 30. There are still clothes to go to Goodwill. It's also DAR meeting week. I volunteered to be the newsletter editor and I've been very busy trying to get a draft together for review. I think I'm ready. I'm sure next time will be easier.

The Gators won't be the National Champs this year - that made for a sad Saturday - I am over it now and ready for the 'Horns to be the Champs this year. Tim Tebow is still the greatest - and the whole Gator team has had a great ride and should be very proud of their accomplishments. They had way too many expectations to carry on their shoulders this year. Everyone - give them a break - they are awesome.

I am sick of hearing about Tiger Woods - and I hope his wife did kick his butt. (No, I don't condone domestic violence - but I've always admired Lionel Richie's wife and her baseball bat - LOL).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Full-Time RV Livin' far

Of course, the night I moved in it began to rain and the temperatures began to drop!! Since there are no leaves on the trees right now, I have a nice view of the gravel and sand operation AND if you look real hard - there's that beautiful Arkansas River. The clouds are moving east now and guess what that will get even colder tonight. And, it is darn windy up here on top of the hill.

My little Gator with springy legs is dancing perpetually now - not really bad, but he never stops. He used to stop in my "sticks and bricks" lodging. Oh well. When I took a nap I think I dreamed I was on a cruise ship - and I've been on a cruise ship before and the slight rocking of Lucille is less than what you usually have on a cruise ship. And, I never thought the cruise ship rocking was very noticeable - except that one time coming into Roatan - when the deck chairs were blowing all over the pool deck - but that's another story - ha!!!

The girls (my two kitties) are settled in very quickly - just doing their thing and sleeping on my bed - like always.

My cable TV does not work - yet. I told the manager it really MUST be working by Saturday - there's a somewhat important football game I need to watch. The wi-fi signal is very weak - so sometimes I can get online and sometimes I can't. I am confident they will get all these little things straightened out soon. They are nice people.

I'll be cookin' chili tomorrow - which is one of my favorite cold weather meals.
If you are in the Sand Springs neighborhood - come on by.