Thursday, November 25, 2010

It's Been Too Long

Happy Thanksgiving to All.

The title has a double meaning - it's been too long since I posted anything AND it had been WAY too long since I saw my BFF Marsha Jane Johnson Bryant and then my relatives in Virginia. So....I took off for a long visit in late September to North Carolina, Virginia and wee bit in South Carolina.

This is "my girl" Marsha and me standing by the James River on our way to walk around the Jamestown Historic Park.

I had not seen my cousin Jim since the late 80's - and he has had serious health issues in the past couple of years - so Marsha and I went and stayed with him, and his lovely and gracious wife Beverley, for a few nights. First of all - their house is absolutely gorgeous and they were the most gracious of hosts you could ask for.
Second, I just wanted to hang out with Jim - and catch up. We had many great times when we were growing up together. Here's proof.

The other fellow on the far right is a little boy named Sam, and he was a foster child who stayed with Jim and his family once upon a time. My daddy and mother wanted to adopt him - he was to be my brother!! But, alas, the State of Virginia would not allow him to be adopted in Florida. Here's hoping that little Sam had a good and secure life.

Here is Jim and me - at this time in our life - along with his wife Beverley and his mother - my Aunt Rosetta.

Back to Jamestown - in all my genealogy research I found that way up my Carter-Erambert-Sheffield branch my 9th great-granparents were John and Ann Johnson who just happen to be shown on the 1624 Jamestown Census!! Here are a couple of pictures from the unbelievable Jamestown historic site - where there are current archeology digs in progress.

We got to walk around with one of the archeologists for about an hour and learn alot about the historic significance of what they are finding - and also how life was really tough in the Jamestown colony.

That afternoon, we took a walk around Williamsburg. Luckily for me, my Cousin Jim actually lives in Williamsburg - so very convenient for tourist me! We didn't do any of the museums - not enough time - but just seeing the "living museum" that Old Williamsburg is was so worth it!! Especially for this DAR member!!

This is the Virginia Colony Governor's mansion - it was GOOD to be the governor.

Ok - so that's it for this time. Next post - I'll tell you about the Benton's North Carolina connections! Many generations lived around the Wilmington-Brunswick County area.