Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Means Baseball

Not much to write about during the winter!! I could have posted how bad the snow and below zero temperatures were - but nobody wants to hear another complaint about a bad winter!

Hopefully, we have turned the corner at last, here in T-Town. The Bradford pear trees are coming into full bloom and we have a blue-sky day - at last.

It is less than 3 weeks to our Big Rockies Exhibition game - March 30. Needless to say, things are starting to "wake up" at ONEOK Field. The field is looking so beautiful and green - today they are working on installing a new warning track.

Baseball fields covered with snow are a sad sight! This is from February - glad those days are gone - for now anyway.

This Saturday there will be auditions to sing the National Anthem at the ballpark. Tori got her foot in the door when she was up here for New Year's and has already been allotted a slot. She knows the words!! (No apologies to Christina A.)

If you haven't already, check out her singing a cover of some grunge band from Seattle on YouTube.

Both the younger grandsons are 10 this month. Michael's big day was March 6 and Wyatt will be 10 on March 28. Tilda will be spending Spring Break with us and for that we are totally grateful! She is such a sweet girl. And, I have some new clothes to show her that I bought her for our cruise in June.

On the cruise front - airfare paid - check; cruise paid - check; Germany excursion paid - check; now saving for the rest of the things like lodging in Denmark, tipping on the cruise, etc. And - the highlight of the trip is St. Petersburg, Russia. We are booked on a 2-day tour to try and squeeze in the main things one is supposed to do in St. Petersburg. I just want to see the Hermitage - the rest will be gravy for me.

May 31 - Fly from Dallas to Copenhagen (arrive June 1)
June 1-3 - Copenhagen and around there - Hamlet's castle for sure!
June 4-13 - Baltic Capitals Cruise
*Warnemunde, Germany - see old Hanseatic League towns
*Helsinki, Finland - just walk around and see the old town
*St. Petersburg, Russia - see as much as we can - lol!! Russian Ballet??
*Tallin, Estonia - enjoy beautiful old Medieval town and have lunch
at the Olde Hansa restaurant - costumes, candles, oh my!
*At sea - thank God
*Nynashavn, Sweden - not worth trying to see Stockholm - we'll just wander
around the port.
June 13 - Arrive back in Dallas - LATE! Spending the night there for sure!

I am sure to have much more interesting things to post during/after this trip!

Now, let's get ready for some baseball!