Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

This morning I was up early to attend my monthly DAR meeting. Since it is April, we were celebrating Earth Day and Earth Month. The centerpieces were little Arbor Vitae trees that will be planted. We meet at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa - which is centered on the former home of Waite Phillips, founder of Phillips Petroleum. It is a wonderful museum (fine art) and the house is fantastic. Lunch is available from La Villa restaurant at Philbrook, and is always tasty. You can see the menu for the day on the table.

On my way over to Philbrook, I passed by Woodward Park here in Tulsa. It is always beautiful, but never more so than when the azaleas are in bloom. I couldn't resist making a stop there on my way home and taking a few pictures.

Many people think of Oklahoma as flat, dry and dusty. The northeast part of Oklahoma is anything but that. It is hilly, green and gorgeous. We are, after all, in the foothills of the Ozarks. It is tragic that our Native American tribes were forced to leave their beloved land in North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida (to name a few places). I think the land they received in the Indian Territory is beautiful and I hope it was something they would be at home in one day. We have great tribal organizations now that mean so much to this part of America.

A few dogwoods are still blooming and the trees are in that lovely spring green.
Woodward Park is a favorite place here for families to get pictures made and for engagement and wedding portraits to be done.

What would spring be without baseball. I've been asked to come back to Oneok Field for three more days to help out with the high school baseball showcase going on from now through Friday. It should be a fun time for the schools and their supporters.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of beautiful Tulsa. I think the wet cold winter should always end with such a lovely Spring.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Drillers Ups and Downs

I just couldn't resist that - since I run the elevator at Oneok Field in Tulsa which takes Driller fans to the suites (if they are so lucky as to have a ticket for a suite). I also get to take media folks up to the press box, and occasionally I give a ride to a player down to the clubhouse level. I also occasionally help Hornsby - the Driller's Mascot - get ready for his entrance if a little tucking in is required before the doors open. Hornsby is such a great blue bull!

So, with four games down in the beautiful new Oneok Field, the Drillers got their first win on Sunday. Most of the scoring was done in the first inning - with the home team getting EIGHT RUNS. That is more runs than they had scored in the previous 3 outings together. They were off to a great start. The final score was 9-5.

The weather has been just made to order for the opening home stand. When I left the field around 10:30pm on Saturday night it was still about 71 degrees out - perfect night for a game. Sunday was the first "day" game - and I saw more than one person who forgot to use their sunscreen - ouch! I'll bet they remember the next time.

I don't like this picture much - but here I am in my official Driller Operations Team uniform. Every game the full-time Driller employees have a "shirt of the day" they wear. They have royal blue, white and grey golf shirts they alternate.

In order for the suite and club level fans to go back and forth between the concourse level and the suites they have to wear a wristband. Whenever I've had to help someone get theirs on, I always seem to get the sticky part stuck on their arm hair - some hilarity has ensued on that one! There was a group of guys yesterday that I could tell was a "party looking for a place to happen". One of them wanted to show off his rather prominent beer gut - they were laughing and teasing each other alot. I couldn't help saying "you look like you are about due!". His friends just fell out laughing - and we had good times on my elevator. I try to bring something fun to each ride up or down. I took this one of myself in "my suite" - the elevator!

The only downside - I don't get to see much of the game. But, since my job is to ensure that the fans have a great experience and want to return to many games - I think its more important to bring a little fun to an otherwise routine elevator ride. Apparently I'm doing okay - I've had lots of positive feedback and some fans even tried to slip me some money - which I AM NOT allowed to accept. However, their desire to "tip me" is so lovely and makes my day - it's nice to be appreciated!

I just feel so blessed to be at a point in my life where I can "afford" to take a job like this. And when I think of people who are depending on these kind of jobs for their livelihood - then I know how lucky I am and I stop and say THANK YOU to God for this new opportunity He has given me.

The only downside to a perfect Sunday in the Park with the Drillers was that the concessions ran out of peanuts - what's up with that? I don't think the Circus is in town - ha!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

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Tulsa Drillers Opening Night

Hi everyone -

Go to this website and watch the video of the opening ceremonies. I saw none of it since I am working the elevator to the suites. I had a great time last night and so did everyone who rode up and down with me to the pressbox or suites or to the locker room level. Driller's management got positive feedback on my performance, even though our team didn't win. It was still a winning night for Tulsa - and for me.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Are you ready for some baseball?

Aah...spring. Daffodils, trees turning green and baseball!
Today was my first official day as an usher for the Tulsa Drillers.
The team put on a big open house so the fans could get out and
see the new ball field. The weather was absolutely perfect and
thousands of Tulsans came on over to Oneok field to check out the
new digs.

I spoke to many fans and the unanimous opion was - "this is a great
ballpark." It really is - and was designed completely with the fans
in mind. A concourse encircles the entire field - so you can walk around
and see the game from ANY angle. There's a great playground for kids
behind center field. Really - there isn't a bad seat to be had!

Here's a shot of the press box looking up from the home dugout area.

Hornsby is ready for opening night - April 8. We had such a great crowd today and the opening game is officially SOLD OUT!! Way to go fans!

The scoreboard is up and working - looks so good. The music was rocking with songs I know and like (ha!!). I mostly had to ask adults not to sit on top of the dugout, and everyone was agreeable. No worries there. I had a really good time - even if my legs and feet and kinda tired!

Hope everyone out there has a Happy Easter!