Monday, January 10, 2011

Long Time, No Post!

Happy New Year to all!

Now that I have "un-retired", I haven't had time to gather up pictures and do much on this old blog. But, working for a baseball team - well, let's just say that was a dream come true. As a dear old family friend told me - "Your daddy would be so proud". That's what it's all about!

I just tuned in the National Championship game - and there is Urban Meyer at the desk talking about the game - he looks good - sure hate to lose him as Florida "Head Ball Coach", but glad he's doing what is right. Oh...there's Nick Saban with him...well him I can do without - lol!!

Here's the family out at Tulsa's WinterFest - in front of the big tree - which my son, Jeffrey said didn't count' because it was fake!

Tori and Tilda were up for a few days between Christmas and New Year's Day. They are 16 and 14, respectively. They are starting to not be as "bestest" friends anymore because Tori is very trendy, social and outgoing whereas, Tilda is more bookish, quiet and introverted. Oh, the LOVE is still there, for sure, and the rest will work out as they get out of these WONDERFUL teenage girl years - ha!!

Tori, the blonde and Tilda, the sweetie!

We girls all just LOVE the musical WICKED! I swear, these two are the leading ladies - really. Tori is such a "Glinda" and Tilda is "Elphaba" - and both have their strengths, don't they? If you haven't seen that show - you should go see it soon. It is really, really great. The music is wonderful.

Here are Michael and Tilda just before we left to go see it on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That was part of their Christmas presents.

And, by the way, Tilda wore GREEN in Solidarity with Elphaba!!

I'm loving working at the Tulsa Drillers. Every day is something new and all the people are great to work with. I've even been called on to get back to putting together some SWEET PowerPoint presentations for sales meetings and training. I haven't lost my chops!

All in all - life is VERY, VERY good. The countdown is on for the BIG TRIP with Tilda in June. We fly out of Dallas-Ft. Worth on May 31 to Copenhagen, Denmark. Then on June 4 we take a 9-day cruise of the Baltic Sea - seeing many countries including Germany, Finland, Estonia, Sweden and RUSSIA!! Yes, indeed, we get to spend 2 days in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is going to be EPIC!!! Truly, this is a trip of a lifetime and we are both very excited. I will be sure to do many blogs telling you all about it!!

Until then - less than 90 days to first pitch! Go Drillers! Go Gators!