Saturday, August 6, 2011

Castles and Palaces - Denmark

There are numerous castles and palaces in Denmark - and they look quite different from ones I've seen before in the UK. We saw several in Denmark, and visited inside two of them.

First, at the end of our train from Copenhagen to where we were staying, we first decided to go one stop further to Helsingor (or Elsinore in Shakespeare's Hamlet).
We were so very tired by then we could hardly keep going - at this point we had been traveling for about 20 hours straight. But, when we rounded the corner out of the train station, there before us lay the beautiful sight of Helsingor Castle. Wish we had possessed the strength to tour it - next time!

This is Hamlet's Castle

The next day we took the train back into Copenhagen and visited Rosenborg Slot. Slot is Danish for Castle or Palace I guess. We wanted to visit this one because is is where the Danish Crown Jewels are housed. Well, we couldn't take pictures of the crown jewels - but they were very nice. There was an especially beautiful little set of a tiara, necklace, brooch and earrings made of emeralds and diamonds that Mathilda especially liked. She has good taste!

Kronborg Slot - Copenhagen

This Palace is pretty small compared to some others - but it was very beautiful and built as a residence, not a fortification. There are still Palace Guards - but they carry automatic weapons these days!

Palace Guard

Later that day we took a short train ride to the northwest of Copenhagen to Hillerod where Fredericksborg Slot is. This castle is in a lovely setting, on a small lake, and there are beautiful gardens. Unfortunately, we didn't have time before they closed to visit the gardens - just the castle. It is also now the Danish History Museum.

Fredericksborg Slot - Hillerod, Denmark

View of Fredericksborg from the far side of the lake.

The Neptune Fountain in the inner court yard.

Exterior architecture - very pretty.

A view of the Royal Chapel - the royal weddings in Denmark are still often held in this Chapel. As you can see, it is extremely ornate!

This is the Great Hall, where the king would hold audiences and entertain his courtiers. It was quite magnificent, and had some beautiful tapestries.

Kronborg Castle Great Hall

One of many beautiful stained glass windows in the the palace - this one is the emblem for King Christian IX.

On a boat tour of Copenhagen we could see the back of the current Royal residence - Amalienborg Palace. The Danish flag is flying, indicating that Queen Margaret was in residence.

Just across the water - at anchor and awaiting its next trip was the Royal Yacht which the Royal Family still uses. Another reason why it is good to be the Queen or King!

So, that's it for Denmark.

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